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remington firearms
Remington Arms

For over a quarter of a century, we proudly operated as a platinum warranty center for Remington Arms Company and its affiliated brands, including Marlin, Bushmaster, DPMS, H&R, New England Firearms, Para, and others..

Complete Restorations and Refinishing

Experience our comprehensive firearm restoration services, encompassing both metal and woodwork. Whether it's bluing, Cerakote application, parkerizing, or color case enhancements, we have the expertise to rejuvenate your firearm, making it appear as if it were new again.

Winchester Factory Restorations

We take pride in providing exclusive services tailored specifically for Winchester Collectors. Unlike other establishments offering Winchester "Style" barrel matting, we go a step further by utilizing the original factory matting technique. Our process involves using the authentic Winchester machine with original factory tooling, ensuring unparalleled authenticity. Every operation is conducted on factory machines right here in our workshop.

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Mauser Custom Work

We offer specialized services tailored for Mauser collectors, irrespective of the rifle's country of origin. Our expertise extends to rebuilding and restoring postwar reproduction sniper rifles and sporter rifles. Every restoration project adheres meticulously to the original factory wartime standards, maintaining precision in factory-specified dimensions and overall finish down to the minutest details, including screws and pins.

Laser Engraving - Glock Stippling

Explore our laser engraving services available for both wood and metal surfaces. Additionally, we specialize in laser stippling for Glock and other polymer frames, offering a unique touch to enhance grip. Our capabilities extend to mag frosting, deep engraving, and a variety of other services to cater to your specific needs..

Firearm and Ammunition Transfers

We welcome all legal transfers of firearms and ammunition. However, it's important to note that all firearms must comply with the regulations of New York State (NYS) before we can facilitate the transfer. If you have a firearm that needs to be made compliant, please feel free to reach out to us via email for more detailed information.


We service and repair firearms


Conducting a spectrum of services, including custom builds, cutting and crowning barrels, chambering and fitting barrels, rechambering, magnaporting, threading for brakes, modifying bolt handles, installing tactical bolt knobs, enhancing triggers, accurizing, bedding, undertaking metal and stock work, addressing general maintenance and repairs, and exceeding these offerings to cater to diverse firearm needs.


Providing an array of services, including but not limited to - opening chokes, machining barrels for chokes, porting, lengthening forcing cones, hinge pin repairs, fixing locking bolts, addressing 870 ejector issues, installing barrel supports, action tubes, and mag tubes, as well as barrel guide studs. Additionally, offering services such as drilling and tapping, cutting and crowning, and comprehensive general repairs and maintenance

pistols and revolvers

Our pistol services encompass a wide range, from general maintenance and repairs to sight work, customizations, enhancements, and upgrades. Additionally, we specialize in barrel fitting, action jobs, precise timing adjustments, and meticulous trigger jobs to elevate your pistol's performance to new heights.

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