Mail in Repairs

We service, repair, customize and restore firearms for other shops and individuals from all over the country. The vast majority of our work is mail-in from a large customer base established over many years.

Individuals are allowed to ship their firearms in for repair. Generally we request that you send the whole firearm so it may be safety and function checked after each service provided. Repairs are returned to the individual that sent them in only. If you choose to send it through another shop it must be returned to their shop for pickup.

Instructions for shipping in work:

Please make sure the firearm is unloaded

Include everything that is needed for the firearm to be safely fired.

Package the firearm securely as they can get rattled pretty good in transport.

Include a detailed letter with the problems you are having or the services you are requesting.

Be sure to include all your contact information – Name, address, phone number and email.

With functioning issues it helps if you include in your letter what kind of ammunition you are using.

If you wish to have extra insurance on your package when returned you may notify us and pay the up charge.

We are not responsible for damage during shipping.

UPS – Fedex and USPS all drop off here everyday – choose whichever works best for you.

*note all handguns must be shipped UPS or FEDEX Air service unless you are an FFL Holder.

Ship to: GWCNY 5378 State Route 31 Verona NY 13478